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Welcome to Performance Archery

Bob's 2005 400-class Arizona bull will be shown in Performance Bowhunting #5 - amazing bugling and shot footage.Our focus is on serving every archer need within and extending past our 4,000 square foot facility. Our extensive inventory includes over 200 bows from inexpensive junior bows, to traditional equipment to the most sophisticated hunting and target setups available.Our staff has hunted all over the world, from Colorado to Alaska, and Africa to New Zealand and can open your eyes to numerous local hunting opportunities as well. They have won numerous state and national target 3D titles as well.

We have selected the best equipment options available in multiple price points. Because of our buying strength you will be pleased with our prices, backed up by unparalleled service.

Archery is a skill that requires proper instruction to perfect good shooting form. Without certified instruction, most people will not have consistently tight groups past 30 yards and will develop target panic. Target panic is the main cause for poor performance under pressure and for people leaving the sport. We provide weekly group lessons every Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm for $20 and rental equipment is provided free of charge. Private lessons are also available with our NAA and NFAA certified instructor for $40 per hour.

Our ten indoor lanes are available for trying out any equipment before purchasing.